Blog di viaggio di Andrea. Spero che questo blog mi aiuti a viaggiare!

Blog di viaggio di Andrea. Spero che questo blog mi aiuti a viaggiare!


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  1. Argo DidUP Famiglia Version History
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  3. Argo DidUP Famiglia
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DidUP - Famiglia è l'applicazione mobile di Argo Software che consente consultazione dei dati dei registri elettronici, che la scuola decide di mettere a. Leggi le recensioni, confronta le valutazioni dei clienti, guarda gli screenshot e ottieni ulteriori informazioni su DidUP Famiglia. Scarica DidUP Famiglia. Entra nell'area dedicata alla famiglia, genitori e alunni, del registro elettronico Scuolanext di Argo Software. Qui troverai tutte le novità e le guide per accedere. Visualizza le assenze e i ritardi giornalieri dell'alunno. In modalità accesso genitore, è possibile anche giustificare l'assenza (se il dirigente lo ha espressamente.

Nome: didup famiglia
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Argo Software S. Free Education APP. Flag as inappropriate. Signature: 26ccdee5d6c83f4f8d00b41f09ec3c75c44ea. Facebook Twitter YouTube. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience.

La parte relativa alle statisticheconsente di avere una panoramica sulle presenze, sul rendimentodegli alunni e le valutazioni degli insegnanti.

Personale:Attraverso quest'area è possibile visualizzare l'anagrafica, leassenze e i servizi di tutto il personale scolastico, oltre agliorari di ricevimento dei docenti. La gestione delle richieste dipermessi e ferie ne consente la visualizzazione e l'approvazione. L'area delle statistiche riguarda i dati di presenza del personaledocente ed ATA.

Contabilità: Un quadro sintetico e immediato sullaprevisione e gestione delle voci di entrate e di spesa dell'annofinanziario. Suidocumenti da firmare si possono visualizzare e firmare le distintedei movimenti da inviare in Banca.

Documentale: Attraverso questasezione è possibile creare nuovi promemoria e visualizzare la listadi quelli in scadenza e scaduti. Ricevere e inviare avvisi aglialtri collaboratori. Tramite l'interazione con il software ArgoGecodoc è possibile visualizzare la lista dei documenti da firmaree apporre la propria firma digitale remota su quelli che lorichiedono.

L'app èscaricabile gratuitamente e consente la navigazione su datidimostrativi. La visione dei dati reali della scuola necessitadella licenza d'uso del software Argo Dirigo e dei relativiapplicativi Argo in uso presso la scuola Alunni Web, Scuolanext,Personale Web, Bilancio Web, Gecodoc. Argo Dirigo is the ArgoSoftware app designed to allow the Headmaster, on the move fromtheir smartphone or tablet, to examine and manage the educationalarea, accounting, administrative and documentary educationalinstitution directed by him.

As well as a system of consultation,Argo Dirigo is a valuable operational and executive instrument.

With it you can receive real-time notifications of events orsignificant information for the DS disciplinary notes, permissionrequests, documents to sign Argo Dirigo also establishes alink with the school board, the class and the teacher: via yoursmartphone you can learn about all the press in real time. Througha partnership with Horizon School, Argo Dirigo also it allows youto stay informed about news from the world of school, to learnabout the latest regulations, and to qualify for advisory servicesfor DS and consult useful operating guidelines.

Education: Thissection provides a complete overview of the data sheets of thestudents, the log data and daily signatures of teachers. The partconcerning statistics allows you to have an overview of attendance,the performance of pupils and teachers' evaluations. Personal:Through this area you can view the registry, the absences and theservices of all school personnel, in addition to office hours forteachers.

Handling requests for permits and vacations it allowsviewing and approval. The statistical area covers the attendancedata of the teaching staff and ATA. Accounting: A synthetic andimmediate picture on the prediction and management of items ofincome and expenditure of the financial year. You can get thedetail of invoices sent by searching for a supplier and period andsearch for reversali already issued in the accounting period andthe debtor.

On the documents to be signed you can view and sign thedistinct movements to be sent to the Bank. Document: Through thissection you can create new reminders, and view the list of thoseexpiring and expired. Receive and send alerts to othercollaborators. By interacting with the Argo Gecodoc software youcan view the list of documents to sign and affix his remote digitalsignature on those who require it.

The app is free to download and allows browsing demo data. Thevision of the school's real data needs the license to use the ArgoDirigo software and application related Argo in use at the school Web Pupils, Scuolanext, Personal Web, Web statements, Gecodoc.

Argo Kronos CardEmulation 1. L'APP consente di effettuare le timbrature, tramite il propriosmartphone Android vers. Argo didUP Smart 1. Adesso Argo didUP smart è disponibile anche per smartphone, conun'interfaccia completamente rivisitata e una maggiore praticitàd'uso.

Le funzioni presenti sono tutte quelle relative alleoperazioni essenziali di compilazione del registro in classe: firmaregistro di classe, inserimento attività svolte e compitiassegnati, appello, inserimento voti orali e su conoscenze eabilità, inserimento note disciplinari, annotazioni e promemoria. Non sono presenti le funzioni di caricamento dell'orario e votiscrutini.

Now Argo didUP smart is also available for smartphones, witha completely revised interface and greater ease of use. Thefunctions present are all those relating to the essentialoperations of completing the register in class: signature classregister, inclusion of activities carried out and assigned tasks,appeal, insertion of oral and knowledge and skills, insertion ofdisciplinary notes, annotations and reminders.

There are no timeloading functions and scrutiny votes. Similar Apps Show More ClasseViva Studenti 2. Abbiamo pensato a questi soggetti e ad un modo nuovo di farescuola: vivace, partecipato e condiviso attraverso l'utilizzointelligente della tecnologia. The heart of the schoolof the future Button We believe that "class" is the focus of theschool: it is a living community and interactive Students,Teachers, Families and top professionals.

We thought about thesesubjects and to a new way of school: lively, participatory andshared through the intelligent use of technology. Born ClasseVivaStudents, the advanced system for the digital school, a productthat guides, supports and accompanies the students involved in thisprocess: the "heart" of scholastic button.

Axios Registro Elettronico Famiglia 1.

Utilizzabile esclusivamente da chi possiede il Registro ElettronicoAxios, consente ai genitori la consultazione dei dati del RegistroElettronico, la giustificazione delle assenze e la prenotazione deicolloqui con gli insegnanti. Uno strumento facile e sicuro cheaiuta la famiglia ad essere sempre connessa al mondo della Scuola.

Il Registro Elettronico in un palmo di mano! Usable only by thosewho own the Electronic Register Axios, allows parents to consultthe data of the Electronic Register, the justification of absencesand the booking of interviews with teachers. An easy and safe toolthat helps the family to be always connected to the School world. The electronic register in a palm of your hand! School Planner 3. School Planner is a handy app for students of all ages that wasdesigned to help you organize your career as a student and haveeverything under control.

Whether you are attending elementaryschool, high school or college, this is the app for you! Writingdown homework, assignments, exams and reminders is simple and fastand daily notifications will help you never forget anything.

Argo DidUP Famiglia Version History

Thebuilt-in calendar is highly optimized for the needs of students andallows you to manage your events and activities more easily. Keepyour timetable and daily schedule always at hand and plan yourstudies accordingly. The timetable is highly customizable: you canassign different colors to each subject and view events saved inthe calendar.

Manage your grades and subjects and stay up to dateon your progress thanks to the automatic calculation of average. Record your lectures and organize them automatically. Sync your agendas with all your devicesand back up your data on Google Drive.

Liceo Statale

È stata inserita la gestionedelle linee fisse e la possibilità di chattare con il ServizioClienti TIM direttamente in app. Già dalle prossimeversioni potrai scaricare la app su tablet e sperimentaretecnologie nuove. The MyTIM app allows you to control your prepaidmobile lines and fixed lines from your smartphone.

Fixed linemanagement has been included and the possibility of chatting withTIM Customer Service directly in the app. You can log inusing your MyTIM account with your email address as username.

We will be happyto receive your suggestions or recommendations via the emailaddress mytim. From the next versions you can download the app on a tablet andexperiment with new technologies. Note: Data charges may apply.

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Argo DidUP Famiglia

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App Information Argo DidUP Famiglia

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Now you can get early access to the nextversion of Facebook for Android by becoming a beta tester. Please tell us more about the issue. ClasseViva Famiglia 2. Born ClasseVivaFamily, the advanced system for the digital school, a productguide, accompanies and supports the parents involved in thisprocess: the "heart" of scholastic button. Browse, shop bydepartment, compare prices, read reviews, share products withfriends, and check the status of your orders.

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