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Le magnifique village de Peymeinade
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Peymeinade is situated at feet of a small hill called "Kids Hill", it extends southward until the Siagne river and themedieval  village of Auribeau.

Constituted  by hills and valleys, Peymeinade is crossed by the main road of Boutiny, former Royal Road, which bounds varied geographical spaces.

  • In the North of the main road, the old village, the hamlets of Jaïsous and Jacourets, hillside of Kids, planted by olive trees.
  • The "Canal of Siagne", which crosses these districts, offers a walk to the peaceful and picturesque charm of Peymeinade.
  • Along the main highway, become main street of the modern village, we find all kinds of shops, and a lit bit higher, the swimming pool and the sporting stages(stadiums).
  • In the South of this axis, the districts of Candéou, plains, Peyloubier lands formerly of pasture for sheeps(muttons), covered with scrubland and with pines of Aleppo, are the zone of the most recent urbanization today. More in the South still, Peygros ( big hill) and its cork oaks, crossed by a forest track(runway)